The BIG O. Expanding your Mind on the pleasure of Orgasms

erotic sensuality sex tantra Nov 26, 2020

I believe that when an individual expands their definition of what an orgasm is... 

They become more orgasmic.

I was feeling tiredness sweep my mind. So I grabbed a book from my library ‘The War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield and laid down on my sofa to lull my mind in a focused way. My intention was to diffuse the thoughts than the current ones that were regurgitating around my mind.

As I laid, I was noticing I was missing something.

Someone, maybe?

As I kept reading, I also mentally scanned my body.

I could feel the buzzy that was taking place.

It was me, I was missing just feeling myself from the INSIDE.

Being in the aliveness that is within the stillness of my body.

I put my book down, and closed my eyes.


Feeling the vibration in my hand. Being with the sensations of my body container. Feeling where parts of my body feel cool and my chest felt warm.

The noisy silence.

The activation occurring with my clitoris as I focus on the stirring of the energy.

I drop right into the buzzing pleasure that is vibrating within my body container.

I drop in so deliberately to the pleasure point of the arousal that is gathering around my vulva.

Like zooming in.

I zoom in again.


The sensation of pleasure, energy and aliveness is so amplified in my focus of pure attention that it expands as a wave through my body and I hear the reverberation in my ears. After it washes over, I feel some contractions around my introitus and perineum.

Two things come to mind:

Firstly, I love the safety I feel IN my body. It has not always been this way for me. I had to learn this. It can be learnt.

Second, if I can recall a happy memory and thought, feel that in my body for a few moments, I can be happy.

If I remember or think of something sad and stay with that, I can be sad.

If I remember the sensation, body response and pleasure build up and flooding of my orgasms, I can have an orgasm.

I view an orgasm as a build up of energy, then a release.

This energy can be intense and pleasurable. It can also be subtle and expansive.

I do not see this energy as a pattern or elusive. I see it as multi lingual and unpredictable.

The gigglegasm, crygasm, energetic orgasm, clitoral, g-spot, cervical, nipple, anal and heartgasm, it goes on and on...

Expand your idea of orgasm and you may just find your orgasms expand too.

Because I view my orgasms in this regard, it has greatly expanded my orgasmiscity and pleasure potential.

How do you view your orgasms? Have you had an unexpected orgasm that didn’t correlate with your personal idea of orgasm?

How intriguing is the body!



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