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Allonie Morris

Allonie Morris is a passionate Somatic Sexologist and Erotic Guide.  With a comprehensive career in the sexuality industry spanning over 16 years,  Allonie creates potent transformative spaces, personalised experiences and intimate journeys for women in the realms of the erotic, sensual and sacred.


ARE YOU OPEN           to meeting your most sensual self


"Allonie has this incredible ability to help me relax, and at the same time, realise that my sexuality and self worth has laid dormant for years.

She is an incredible, heart centered teacher that is so passionate about intimacy, sexuality and owning your confidence as a woman.

Her work is erotic and an absolute game changer.  My sessions with Allonie were so powerful, it had the power to heal my wounding and open me.

Thank you so much Allonie, I am forever changed" 


Do you want to become erotically alive?



Becoming Erotically Sovereign is about a connection to pleasure, passion and purpose.

This process is designed for the woman that yearns to know herself deeply and is curious to uncover different aspects of herself.

Embarking on such a journey will help women gain sensual vitality, connect to their feminine empowerment and become erotically alive.   





I believe that when an individual expands their definition of what an orgasm is...

They become more orgasmic.

I was feeling tiredness sweep my mind. So I grabbed a book from my library ‘The War of Art’ by Steven Pressfield and laid down on my sofa to lull my mind in a focused way. My intention was to diffuse the thoughts than the current ones that were regurgitating around my mind.

As I laid, I was noticing I was missing something.

Someone, maybe?

As I kept reading, I also mentally scanned my body.

I could feel the buzzy that was taking place.


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