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Deep Dive into your Sensuality

Tantric Initiation


3 guided sessions personalised for your initiation into the realms of Neo Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. Be guided into the depths of devotion, love & intimacy through exploring white & red tantric practices.


🝔 Learn how to open your heart for more love

🝔 Awaken your Yoni for more pleasure

🝔 Communicate with devotion and truth

🝔 Expand your giving and receiving of pleasure

🝔 Learn the devotion of ritual and honouring

🝔 Explore sacred intimacy with self and others

🝔 Feel your feminine essence


3 x 90 minute sessions $450


Erotic Essence Activation


Explore your erotic essence through a personal guided journey exploring an erotic archetype of your choice.


🝔 Are you desiring more femininity and softness in yourself? Explore your Sensual Woman.

🝔 Feeling stuck and muted, needing self permission? Activate the Primal Female.

🝔 Longing for a deeper union with your divinity? Journey the Sacred Goddess.

🝔 Ready to own your power or learn to surrender? Experience your Mistress.


1 x 2hr session $200


Intimacy, Sex & Self Pleasure Package


When it comes to working with you on your sexuality topic I choose to go on a journey of discovery and curiosity with you. To create results and transformation, we need safety to open and time to allow the unfolding, thus I offer these sessions as bundles only and do not offer one off session.

As a certified somatic sexologist I support women in learning about their sexual and erotic landscape through embodied awareness, sex education and touch exploration. Sessions are client centred and paced, we journey through your goals over the duration of 3 sessions. 

Sessions can cover, but not limited to:


🝔 Yoni & Pleasure anatomy

🝔 Sexual connection to self

🝔 Lack of libido and disinterest in sex

🝔 Numbness and Pain of the vagina & vulva

🝔 Deepen Erotic Pleasure & Listening to the body with sounding desire

🝔 Awaken Arousal

🝔 Orgasmic education: What they are, how to have them

🝔 Communication, Boundaries & Consent

🝔  Pleasure techniques (Yoni & Lingam Massage)

🝔 Pleasure mapping on the body

🝔 Self Pleasure coaching

🝔 Erotic Embodiment coaching

🝔 Body Confidence

🝔 Anal Exploration and mapping

🝔 Difficulty achieving orgasm

🝔 Vaginal exploration and all the spots

🝔 How to build intimacy with a partner

3x 90 minute sessions $450


EROTIC Sovereignty: The 7 Week Guided Journey for Women


A 7 Week guided journey for the woman that’s READY for PASSION, PURPOSE & PLEASURE in her LIFE. 

​​This is for the woman who is ready to get to the depths of herself... ready for a Metamorphosis!

To uncover the erotic, juicy & alive woman that is YOU.

This is for the woman that yearns to know herself deeply. Is curious to learn more about who she is. Her soul, heart, body and mind. She is ready to come back and uncover herself.

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