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Erotic Sovereignty 

For the woman that yearns to meet herself deeply and intimately 

Our sexuality is a pathway into greater depth, meaning and wholeness in our lives. When we come into our own sensuality and harness our inner self love, we can communicate our needs and desires in such a cleaner, more empowered way.

When we are curious and courageous enough to explore our own unique erotic essence we have the power to transform the way we connect with our self, others & life.

Erotic Sovereignty is a 5 Part Journey designed to help women connect to pleasure, passion, power and pussy.

This is for the woman that knows there is more. 

This is for the woman that yearns to know herself deeply and is curious to uncover different aspects of herself. 

Through the Erotic Sovereignty process you will gain your sensual vitality, connect with your feminine empowerment and connect to your inner magnetism and radiance.

Have you been feeling disconnected from yourself, cut off from your sensuality and your experience of life is unfulfilling?


Perhaps you feel that you need some time for yourself, because you can’t find it elsewhere?

Or maybe you have no idea where to start to come back into self connection, but you have a yearning to come back alive. To feel alive and inspired again. 

Do you feel like you have given so much to the point you're feeling depleted, empty, resentful, but you still keep going?


This is an intimate offering for a woman who…

Is curious about what else she can feel in her body, life and in her relationships. Is there more? 

Has struggled to value herself and perhaps is in her head and wants to feel more from her body 

Is a full YES to tasting more of life and wants to know herself more intimately.

Desires to attract more JUICY aliveness into her world so that she can feel her way through and vibrate through life.

Needs to start putting her needs first because she is slowing suffocating, burning out, and is exhausted. 

Misses herself. Doesn’t know where her ‘zest’ for life went,  but wants it uncovered.

Desires an orgasmic love life even though it feel unattainable right now.

Who has a little trust that she resonates with this offering and will follow the call of her intuition. She knows there is more to life! And she's gonna go get it!!


Is this the year you say YES to your pleasure?



Have you ever been guided to learn about what turns you on and ways to access your unique and expansive pleasure potential?

I would love to show you gently, safely and beautifully...

Hi, I’m Allonie,

I'm a Somatic Sexologist and Erotic Educator.  My heart’s desire is to guide women into their erotic sovereignty.        

I know that when a woman can hold herself and activate her own pleasure, she can have the love, intimacy and sex she yearns for. 

She becomes the authentic embodiment and expression of juiciness and radiates this out into the world. I love working with women, just like you. 

I want you to know that if you can give me your courage and curiosity when we journey, I will guide you to the deepest parts of yourself that will have you falling in love with YOU like you’ve never been before.

Cherish, devotion, pleasure.

These gifts are yours for the unwrapping


I would love for you to journey with me.















‘In all honesty, working with Allonie was the kindest and most generous gift I could have given myself. 

I had been struggling with depression and the stress of everyday responsibilities and I realised that along the way of taking care of everyone else I had lost myself. I didn't recognise the woman I saw in the mirror and I resented her. Acknowledging this disconnection was painful and I felt something needed to change but I didn't know where to begin.

Just by doing random internet searching I came across Allonie's website. I reached out to her not really knowing what to expect and feeling hesitant and anxious that I was even considering doing something so vulnerable. I never met someone who was so open and accepting about all I had to say about sexuality and intimacy and the struggles I was experiencing.

After such a long time of feeling disconnected I can now say that I have found my way home, to myself. I still experience depression and the responsibilities I have are still the same but how I approach them and the way I interact with life and especially the way I value, love and connect with myself has made all the difference to the quality of life I now have. 

Allonie guided me with her experience, knowledge, compassion and sense of humour to love all aspects of the fierce, nurturing, sensual and erotic woman that I am.’ 


Rebekah M, Australia. 


‘All the answers are inside of you. Just come home’ 

In my time with Allonie, I learnt so much about myself as far as being kind to myself, being comfortable with my body and giving myself consent, being comfortable with saying no and being open with talking about my sexuality and likes and dislikes. I've learnt so much and continue to learn so much about myself. 


Dylan W, Australia,


I got recharged, re-educated and reignited from the moment I started Allie’s Erotic Sovereingty Course.

What a ‘journey’. Before working with Allonie I had very little desire for my partner and even less for myself. I just felt, blah. Neglected and over busy do it all.  I now love and look forward to spending time with myself. From here, I now feel like I'm drawn to my partner. My partner says I'm like a new woman and because of my care and attraction to myself, he feels this sparking in him. Thank you Allie, from the centre of my being. It’s been everything. To me and my relationship.’


Belle M, Queensland.


Have you felt shame or guilt about desiring more connection, closeness and intimacy in your relationships?


As you open yourself towards the possibility of creating more closeness with yourself and within your relationships, we cultivate a safe, open environment. 

We shine a light on the shame and guilt.

It can’t live with you, there, in the dark.

The thing is this...

Erotic Sovereignity will permeate your life. 

Something will change in you. 


You cannot ‘unknow’ what you know about pleasure and erotic sovereignty.

So I will ask you to feel your courage and find your curiosity. Be open. 

Allow this workshop experience to reawaken your inner wisdom and life force energy. 

When we explore new experiences we create new neurological network pathways. And we want this to be absorbed in your Soul, Heart, Body and MIND!

Here’s how it works


Over the duration of 5 parts, we will journey deeply through a process that is designed to help you connect to your pleasure, passion, pussy and power. 

This is for the woman that yearns to know herself deeply and is curious to uncover different erotic aspects of herself. 

During our time together, I will help you meet yourself in a new and powerful way, and carve out time for your own practise. You will gain your sensual vitality, connect with your feminine empowerment and connect to your inner magnetism and radiance. 

You will be guided through a supportive, nourishing and nurturing program that helps you experience a new level of life.

The most cherished thing is YOU. 

My deepest desire is that from this process, is that you see the true beauty that is your erotic essence. But more than seeing it, you feel it. And when you can feel it in such an authentic and embodied way. You will know. The truth. 

That YOU are fucking incredible, radiant, erotic and JUICY!


You receive


Juicy Weekly Workshop Classes  

You’ll enjoy a 5 part journey delivered through 3 hour weekly in person workshop classes where we can dive deeply into and explore an Erotic Essence. You will learn, train and be held in a supportive environment. To know how to open your heart and speak your desires with devotion. There will be individual and personalised coaching as well as practical activities. We will create a connected, safe and trusting sisterhood.


Rituals and Archetypal Exploration 

Allonie will guide you through ancient and esoteric rituals, embodiment practises and archetypal exploration, helping to activate transformation and a renewed sense of sensuality. These are the tools to activate your body into pleasure.


Erotic Sovereignty Online Program & Exclusive Membership

7 Weeks of educational videos that will empower your process to discover your Erotic Sovereignty. You will receive educational material, a beautiful workbook and resources and practise that will support you. I facilitate a judgement free journey that is inclusive for all to show up and learn in the most intimate and private setting.


Private Facebook Group with Support

A place for all of our juicy secrets, plus group sharing, wisdom and a home for us to foster deeper connections with other women.


Rose Quartz Medium Yoni Egg 

Creating intention, connection and sacred ritual when exploring our yoni's awakening is a beautiful way to embrace the part of our self that often holds so much shame and disconnection.

Allonie’s Experience, Wisdom and Guidance 

I have poured my many years of practical experience, my heart and practises that I know will be revolutionary and activating for you. I love to share practical, energetic and opening activities to really allow you to meet yourself in a whole new way.  

The Erotic Sovereignty Education


Module 1: Open


Here we learn how to create safety, and we will explore who are you in Love, Sex & Life. We set boundaries and agreements and understand the journey of intimate cultivation with self. We will explore your unique love language, learn about the Erotic Archetypes and the power that astrology plays in our sexuality and sensuality. You will gain clarity on your deepest dreams and vision for what is possible for Love, Sex and Life. 

Module 2: The Sensual Woman & Her Devotional Heart


This is a beautiful module exploring how to gently open our hearts to feel the currents of love flowing more freely. We learn how to keep our heart safe through boundaries and consent work whilst amplifying the energy of love through our body. We will discover how when we open our heart devotionally with presence we create a potent lovemaking experience of deep reverence through sensual sense exploration.  You will start transcending sex to lovemaking, from surface level doing to cellular star level being.

Module 3: The Primal Female & Her Awakened Pussy


Here is where we get a modern twist on vulva and vaginal anatomy and arousal re-education. We learn the art of pussy's. We get back in touch with the ancient wisdom of our cycle and activate our primal instincts and desires. We will explore your unique primal female transmission as your self honouring, acceptance and appreciation grows. You will gain respect and admiration for your body and the wisdom it holds. Gaze upon yourself with new eyes.

Module 4: The Mistress & Her Powerful Mind


Here we learn how and in what ways our beliefs and conditionings have shaped our sexuality. Ways we have limited and kept ourselves small and lacking of pleasure and erotic aliveness. We set the space to understand our core erotic theme, which will reveal to us ways we have unconsciously been choosing lovers and playing out sexual roles. We also learn the erotic play of dominance and surrender and how playing with duality can generate new steamy insights and level of self permission. We will explore your new way of how you want to think and feel of yourself sexually. You will gain knowledge on how to keep pleasure alive in your relationships.

​Module 5: The Sacred Feminine & Her Radiant Soul


In this module we learn the sacredness of harnessing our sexual energy to fuel the life of our dreams. We get clear on our intentions for our life and we commune with our inner being. We created Ritual and Prayer to amplify our vision and receive our own higher guidance. We learn the the potency of sex magic and how the sexual meets the spiritual. You will explore the way you radiate sensuality into your world and see yourself as the sacred being you are. You will receive divinity that is of you and for you.

Module 6: The Erotic Queen & her Orgasmic Life


Here we weave all we have learnt throughout our journey as we align our Soul, heart, body & mind. We become our Erotic Queen. We own our Erotic Sovereingty. We explore how we can cultivate the erotic in everyday life and things. We will create a self guided challenge and an erotic embodiment ritual to have us walking arousingly around our Queendom. We will explore your unique erotic expression as the Queen you are and they way you choose to rule (and rock) your world.. You will become erotically alive.

Module 7: Reflection, Integration, Closing Ritual


As we close out our journey we get clear on our future. We reflect on where we started and what we received and learned. We vision a new future to step into and we create space and ritual for this future during the week. We integrate all the pieces and feel the depth of gratitude of the amazing journey we courageously took ourselves on. Here you will have received the magic of fully coming home to yourself.

5 Part In Person Journey Dates: 

Friday 19th February, 6-9pm

Friday 26th February, 6-9pm

Friday 5th March, 6-9pm

Friday 12th March, 6-9pm

Sunday 14th March, 6-9pm

All classes will be held at Arise.Yoga Studio, 16 Mylne Street, Toowoomba







If you want… 


To experience life as pure, orgasmic energy

Feel activated, pleasured, and juicy!

To be the partner, friend and parent you have dreamed of

Attract great love into your life

To fall madly and deeply in love with the beautiful essence of you, like you have never experienced before.

Great sex, love and intimacy with your self and your lover

To experience bliss, ecstasy and unapologetic expression


Then I invite you to join me







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  • Exclusive Access to the Erotic Sovereignty FB Group & support
  • Ticket to Toowoomba's Enlightenment in the Bedroom event 26th March, 2021
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