Turning on your Erotic Imagination: Inspiration Abound

erotic sensuality sex tantra Nov 26, 2020

Sitting on my porch early this morning I watched the lady across the road pull into her driveway. She had a crumpled jacket tucked under one arm as she surveyed her flowers in the front yard. She slid her key into her door lock and I saw her hair was ruffled and messy. She closed the door, went into house.

Where had she been?

My curiosity sparked.

Was she just returning home from an all night's escapade with a new lover?

Oh, how delightful.

Had she even slept yet?!


Few moments later I looked up to see a woman walking up the same side of the street, and a couple of feet in front of her is a dog.

I assumed it was her dog although it was not on a lead.

As they walked up the footpath, the dog jumped into the yard of the ladies house.

The woman continued walking. She looked at the dog, but kept walking. I expected her as she walked past the last fence post of the yard, to call in the dog.

The dog was now in the yard sniffing the plants.

With no call and no look back the woman walked and continued on. She disappeared around the corner and from my sight.

Turns out, it wasn't her dog. The dog had also disappeared somewhere in the yard of the lady's house.

I curiously eagle eyed back to the lady that just got home.

Tantalizing with the idea that she has been away for the night with her lover. And what type of lover she may have explored with.

My erotic imagination goes wild...

A female lover, a man, perhaps her lover is exploring their own gender fluidity?

What did they explore exactly?

Was it new for them both or were they perfecting their sexual art?

In this moment, I scan all the instant erotic scenes popping up in my minds eye until I find one that ignites my body.

She seems an externally quiet woman...

So I put her in latex thigh high stockings with a dominant attitude. She's been away all night keeping her lover skiing fine edges of longing and intensity. A divine mistress she is, surging with erotic power and masterful expertise in pleasure intensity.

I witnessed her return from her secret life. Back from her escape into forbidden treasures of her other persona. I linger in the juiciness of this erotic fantasy for several moments.

What of the dog?

How is it that the dog came home after her?

Did he go searching for her when she left and do pets have a built-in homing-beacon for their parents?  I think my dog Rusty did.

Yes, this is my mind. Curious and inquisitive. Erotically Innocent.

He seemed very happy. So I imagined him frolicking freely around the streets, sniffling the poles and peeing on the grass. In his own little world of adventure driven by his instincts of where his home is and how to keep safe.

And what of the walking woman?

What was her story today? Is she alive and happy or cranky and brooding?

She was walking rather briskly.

My erotic inspiration for her was that she started to slow down her walk to a stand still.

In the middle of the footpath, she would just hold herself. Feel her heart beating fast. Feel the emotions on her chest and the anguish in her mind. I imagined that she would shout on the top of her lungs, 'F#CK YOU! Aaargh!'

I imagined her cuddled up in a ball gently stroking her skin as if she was coaxing herself, her true self, out. I imagine that she invited her eroticism back into being the navigator of her life. She gets up, and takes herself back home, back into her bed, her vulva cupped in one hand and she makes love to her tenderness. She falls asleep, and wakes up... softer.

I zoom out on myself and explore what I created of these women and I explore what erotic imaginations where inspired by them also.

These are stories I constructed from the data I collected with my eyes, seeing in these women, what is in me.

I witnessed a very short fleeting moment for 45 seconds of these being's lives.  I don't know them.  I don't know their story. But I drew inspiration from them.

It was a doorway into my own mind.

Accessing my erotic imagination I can see themes of; suspicion, adventure, freedom, turmoil, taboo, surrender & dominance, power, letting go and sexuality projected upon these characters.

But above all, I notice two things: being true to oneself erotically & coming home to erotic sovereignty... ExCITES the Juices OUt of ME!

The first takes courage & the second takes curiosity.

Even in the dog, I see the reflection of me here too. He goes out exploring the world and he comes home, he instinctively knows how to keep himself safe and where he belongs. This is me. Filling my on tank and being self responsible.

Our Erotic Imagination can deliver us very important information about our selves.

These erotic musings shows me my own inner world, not there's. They inspired this from what was activated in my body when I witnessed them for 45secs.

My projections & imaginings are reflections of my own inner dialogue.

I do enjoy pondering curiously about characters I witness. Voyeurism.

I witness them and create erotic stories with them as inspiration. This doesn't mean my erotic imaginings of their character has anything of accuracy or their erotic truth etched in it what so ever. This is purely for the enticing of my own eroticism.

One of the things that keeps me excited is my erotic imagination.

I notice I use peoples erotic energies, their behaviours, the way they move their bodies, and how they look, to fuel inspiration into my burning imagination.

I often find juiciness, eroticism and sexiness most places I look.

I spose I’m an Erotic Optimist. Glass is always half Juicy.

Can you get your Erotic Imagination firing, what can you imagine?

Can you excite those sensations of playfulness and zest in your body that it starts to reverberate from your being as you’re sitting at a little cafe with this cheeky smile plastered on your face, like you know the hottest secret in town.

Or can you hold your erotic imagination as you push your shopping trolley down the aisles of the grocery store fantasying over that sexy man you just passed, sensing his primal desire to take you over at bakery section. Spanking your ass with a foot long bread roll as your breasts squish into the chocolate mud cake. Both consumed with lust, laughter, desire and scrumptiousness!!

And what comes up for you when you read my imaginings?

Your erotic imagination is for the activation and taking.

Allow it to amplify your day. Allow it to ignite in your body. Allow yourself to play, feel sexy, be erotic.

This is for YOU!



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