Want to get juicy?

My entire life I've wanted to be a Somatic Sexologist   


I always believed that embracing our sexuality was a potent ingredient in healing ourselves and living a life full of joy. Sexuality is a key personal development gateway for transformation and empowerment. 

Afterall, it made sense to me that if each person could hold themselves in their own erotic expression, that it may revolutionise their life. If they could learn authentically how their body and pleasure works ( not how it was ‘supposed to look’) we would all collectively be living in a more healthy, accepting and loving society.

Unfortunately most of us were raised on little sexuality education and even less education around pleasure and consent. 

I knew that this was going to be the work.


My work

I'm here to go on a journey with you to re-educate, uncover and awaken the magic of your eros that lives within your body. 


🝔 This work will transform your life.  


🝔 I believe in the power and transformation of sexuality and erotic embodiment.


🝔 I believe when we anchor in our body, our eros can fly. 


🝔 My heartfelt desire is to guide and educate in the exploration of the erotic landscape.


🝔 Our sexuality is a pathway into greater depth, meaning and wholeness in our lives.  

When we are curious and courageous enough to explore our own unique erotic essence, we have the power to transform the way we connect with our self, others and our entire life. 

Take a deep breath in…


A gentle slow exhale out…


Now ask yourself...


'What is it that I deeply desire?'   

I deeply desire to live in Freedom


My desire is to live in a glorious, magical, spacious home with my family, and I create this daily.. 

In this home I am deeply inspired to share about sexuality and sensuality in a way that is educational & inspirational. 

My deepest desire is to help people to explore and expand their erotic landscape and conscious sexual wellbeing.

My deepest gratitude is that I have cultivated a life where I can roam freely, travel at my leisure and be inspired by amazing imagery, where I fuel my sense of adventure because I'm inspired and juiced up!

My dream is to pour erotism out into the world, straight from the deep knowing in my body and from my heart. To help people fuel their Eros so that they in turn can cultivate their creativity and love of life.

I believe… I am the erotic mother. 


I believe… I am the erotic queen. 


I believe…  I nourish and heal through my transmission and my education. 


I believe… That we can all be self sustaining in love.


I believe… My highest calling is to lead the way for women into their erotic sovereignty to have the healthiest and juiciest lives they can possibly imagine.

Nice to meet you,  I’m Allonie











Professional Bio


Allonie Morris is a passionate Somatic Sexologist, Erotic Educator and an eternal self reclamation advocate for women deeply desiring to feel their erotic aliveness, embrace their pleasure and radiate in their world.

Her super power is guiding women home to their bodies so they can uncover their erotic aliveness to live the life of pleasure, intimacy and love they desire. Allonie educates and empowers women in understanding, learning and curiously experiencing their unique erotic landscape and sexuality.

For over 15 years, Allonie has immersed herself deeply into the world of sexual and sensual empowerment, liberation and education. From Pleasure product and sensuality boutique owner, to sex worker, to tantric goddess and practioner, to now thriving as an Erotic Educator and Somatic Sexologist. She loves exploring, guiding and advocating for people to journey back into their bodies and life from the alive current of their Eros. Her foundational work is Erotic Sovereignty.

Allonie lives in the Lockyer Valley with her partner, whilst currently growing a little human of their own. One of her greatest inspirations has been her cat, Jaz. Specifically Jaz’s unwavering commitment to being ALL of herself with a ‘No F*cks given’ towards living her best life and fully embracing her butt hole. Allonie also deeply loves sweets over savory and once got stuck to the floor whilst performing a DIY brazilian wax treatment. See there you go, now you know one of her vulva secrets.


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